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Terry Drummond
Terry Drummond

Our good friend and a real good guy, Terry Drummond, died on August 9, 2005. Terry called me less than a week before his untimely death and discussed the horrible things that the hospital had done to him but was optimistic that he would be back on his feet in a short period of time.

Terry and I talked about business and how we could work together when things were back to normal. Bev and I assured Terry that we would work with him and help him in every way possible. We won't get to do that now as Terry is in the Lord's hands in a far better place and at peace.

Over the years we talked often, laughed together and got frustrated together. Bev and I knew Terry since 1986 and always respected him for his good character. We both enjoyed our work and the technology it involved. We use the term friend very sparingly and Terry was our Good Friend! We will miss him very much!

Please remember Terry and his lovely wife Sue in your prayers.

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